Isola Bella, do you even know what it means? Well it means beautiful Island. Read on and see if that is true.

Isola Bella is a national treasure and has been, for years, one of the favorite visitor destinations on lake (lago) Maggiore. The beautiful Island has been made even ore so by the buildings and other man-made attractions and events that take place on Isola Bella.

The main attractions to those who chose to visit Isola Bella is a Baroque Palace, many parts of which are open to tourists and a 37 Meter long garden laid out on 10 terraces.

Naturally, like any garden, it is complete with a huge flower collection and exotiThe climate is very mild so these plants grow and florish. All has been designed and arranged with a scenic effect in mind, including the "Theatre"Everything on the island has been designed to cr which is at the end of terraces and dominated by a staute of a Unicorn, the heraldic symbol of The Borromeos. Right next to the gardens and palace are the reminants of the village that used to be part of the Islands.

You will be able to eat and drink here as well as buy souviners. Adjacent to the palace and the gardens is part of the village which used to occupy the island, with some restaurants and souvenir shops. Italian and and more information can be found at