You have heard of Lago Maggoire havenít you? What about Cannero Riveria? Betcha you didnít know this town existed? Read on and be amazed.

I am here to inform you that Cannero Riveria Lake Maggoire has the kind of seasoning often found at the seaside. Why? It is in a sheltered situation and has plenty of sunshine. In fact the community, although it was probably not called Cannero Riveria way back in, oh, say 985. Hey even I am not that old.

Well they just bit the bullet and called the town which lies near the River Cannero; ok guess what they called the town? Cannero Riveria, thatís what. Anyway it is a truly great place to holiday. The view over the lake is great and the walk along the lakefront promenade is unforgettable. There is a lot to see and do as well, from the paths on the hillsides to country villages surrounded by vineyards, castles and the rest. This includes wayside shrines, stone motors which were used for grinding things like walnut, flax seeds and pressing olives.

Oh yes thereís fishing too, but what did you expect from a village named after a river? The village features year-round festivals, excursions and events. And, when you get hungry, donít forget the town is in Italy. Thereís lots of fine wine and great food. Try it. You can get there by car or train; By car: from the A26 exit for Verbania. Continue along the SS34 beside Lake Maggiore to Cannero Riviera. By train: the nearest station is Verbania-Pallanza.

You can get a bus from the station to Intra and from there to Cannero. Italian and more information can be found at